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Run your own hackathons

The hackathons are designed to help your students learn about AI, innovate their concept and submit all in one day. There are two ways you can engage with a hackathon, either by running your own one (drawing on our hackathon toolkit) or by coming along to one that we run. If you are choosing to come to a hackathon that we run, please note the content is the same as the lesson plans, so if you do both, your students will be doubling up!

Hackathon kit with videos embedded

Hackathon kit with videos as links

This module is focused on helping your students decide which global issue they want to try to solve through the challenge.

This module is focused on first helping your students learn about AI and then supports them to begin innovating their AI concept.

Or come along to one of our hackathons

We are running hackathons across Australia. At our hackathons, facilitators from the Education Changemakers team run the day, pizza is provided for lunch for students and it is a fast-paced, curriculum-aligned excursion for your students. More information about the hackathons is included at the links for each location.

Where & When

Please contact for tickets for the ABCN hackathons.

26 February | Sydney 

27 February | Brisbane

28 February | Adelaide 

2 March | Melbourne

4 March | Melbourne

9 March | Brisbane

10 March | Canberra

10 March | Brisbane

19 March | Perth

23 March | Sydney

25 March | Sydney

27 March | Sydney